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Remodeling Services

We understand doing a remodeling project can be stressful but here at Callisto we make the experience as stress free as possible. We will come out and have a consultation to give you a free estimate, discuss the project and discuss expectations. We are available to ask any questions along the way, we make sure the job is done In a timely manner and as seamless as possible all while bringing your vision to life. 

Designer Services

Whether you are looking to remodel a kitchen or a bathroom, we will work with you to transform your space into the room you have always visioned. We provide a 3D rendering to help you envision the layout of the final product. Choosing cabinetry, countertops, tile, fixtures etc can be overwhelming and we are here for you every step of the way. We help make selections and guide you along the way from start to finish.



We will come out and do a one hour free consultation. We will do preliminary measurements, discuss the scope of the job (in which we decide if Callisto is doing the full remodel or just designing the project), figure out what the customer is looking to achieve and discuss expectations of the project.  


Shopping with a designer for the day                   

This is a one-day, four hour shopping trip which includes meeting the customer at three different vendor showrooms (if necessary) to make selections. We will put together tiles, cabinet door samples, paint samples, countertop samples, flooring etc . Callisto will provide the customer a final curated shopping list and/or order materials on the customers behalf.                                    


Selections with a designer                                     

This  is good for when a customer is doing a remodel and we need to help them make selections, bring selections to their home, or put together a list of selections made. This helps take the guessing work away from customers that are overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Our designer helps aid in making the selections easier. We choose 3 selections of tile, 2 selections of countertop samples, paint samples, spend up to an hour creating a mood board with options such as sink, vanity, toilet, mirrors, fixtures, floor tile etc.  


Additional services

3D Renderings

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